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Lead Ingots

Pure Soft lead, Hard lead, Clip on Lead,Stick On Wheele Weights, Wheele Weights lead, Range lead.
All in ready to cast bars
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Lead Ingots Pure Soft 25lb (Lead-Soft-Ingot-25lb)
Pure SOFT lead ingots Source is Pure brand new ingos or Roof Flashings.
Lead is melted and Flaxed clean.

Perfect for bullet casting or fishing sinkers.

Ingot Size 8.5"x1.75"x0.75"
Ingot weight 4+ lb

Will fit perfect in a lee pot or any lead pot in the market.

We ship 6 ingots in SFRB to a total weight of ~25lb

Shipping is $6.1 per Small Flat Rate Priority Box (SFRB) added at checkout.
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